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i really love it. thank you for this experience <3

Very glad you enjoyed it! And much thanks for the kind comment.

I love this game! You should make a longer version!

That's about the nicest thing any player could request. Thank you! I probably won't expand this one, but you might see other games with a similar mechanic in the future... ;)

Interesting concept and effective use of the interface. The ambiguous nature of some of the symbols are a nice touch too.

Thanks so much! :D Hopefully I toed the line of being ambiguous without being too frustrating.

That was great! Really loved the non-verbal dialogue and the options the player is given. Bird is an interesting character and I'd like to know more about his backstory, his relationship with Tye, and the reason for his mutism.

Glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for your detailed feedback! Ty is a main character in two of my other games (So Your Crew & DJ) if you're dying for more of him... No other Bird yet, alas :P