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I have not played the game yet but it seems scary I looked a comment and it said; "STOP USING YOUR PHONE" for a hint?
This is going to be scary.

lamo yes

ahhhhhhh this was properly scary. It actually gave me juuust enough real anxiety I thought I might have to quit, but the pace of the game had a way of giving me breaks to calm down so I didn't have to, so kudos for that! I played on normal difficulty the first run and the respiration 'scare' actually helped me reign in my breathing. 

I think what I enjoyed most were those words and answer choices, whether it was a proper scare or just a definition that was way too on point. And really almost all the words seemed significant and carefully chosen - I love those layers of subtlety. I also really enjoyed the extra lore on the 'hard' difficulty, and the looping nature of the game. 

I will say that I felt the 'final' ending was a bit too ambiguous, in a way? I thought I'd failed again because I wasn't able to turn off the phone, and then the doorbell rang and there seemed to be no one there, which is what also happened in the bad ending. After reading the comments it looks like the phone turned off without my input, and I did get the 'final ending' screen, but it was pretty confusing. Overall though this was a great atmospheric game, extremely unsettling and clever, and perfect for Halloween Eve!

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Thanks so much for this thorough write-up! Glad it hit just the right amount of creepiness.

I actually agree that I left the final ending a bit too ambiguous... I have plans to patch in a clearer one, once I get some free time to do it!

Happy Halloween :)

edit: and three months later, the update has finally been made


I love how the friend is aware if you play again! really cool game!!


great game!! audio creeped me out a lot, loved it


the friend creeps me out...

after playing three times, with the friend being seemingly aware of previous run-through, i could only get the good ending twice (mum/friend come over) and the bad one.

any advice on how to progress?


also, i love your games! the atmospheric feeling is amazing


Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't played the game yet-

I don't know if I did this right, but I physically pressed the power button and turned off my computer for a few seconds because 1. the friend told me my phone was what was attracting the man and 2. the options are saying "TURN OFF YOUR PHONE" when the vocab app is glitching. After turning my computer back on I kept playing and got the final ending.


Cool! I can see the nosleep inspiration with how it's styled!


This was terrifying, the atmosphere has me on edge the entire time! The only problem was I couldn't figure out how to get to the 'final end'. i got all of the other 3 but I couldn't get this one :( any tips/tricks would be appreciated xx

Thank you! For the final ending, you need to follow your friend's advice. Keep an eye on the text conversations in later runs...

enjoyed the heck out of this. any tips on getting the final end? we're struggling a bit on that one haha

For the final ending, you need to follow your friend's advice. Keep an eye on the text conversations...

This was fantastic! The sound design was perfect. My heart was racing the whole time, and I kept holding my breath, waiting for what happens next. I got all the endings, and I'm so curious as to what happened! Really enjoyed this.

this game seems really cool but i cant get past the "look out the window" part. it shows him standing there but i cant click out or do anything, even tried sitting there for a few minuets lol. not sure if it me or what


u have to reload the page and then DON'T click the magnifying glass, instead click one of the links (easy, normal, hard) below.

Hm, you should be able to click anywhere other than the image to return to the phone screen. Sorry you're having that issue. Are you playing on computer or mobile?


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10/10 sound design. I actually jumped a few times and was on edge throughout the entire game.

I don't understand the final ending. What happened?

Thank you so much! Awesome to hear that the atmosphere kept you unnerved through multiple playthroughs.

I'm happy to leave my endings open to interpretation, so feel free to draw your own conclusions. But, I had in mind that in the final ending, you followed your friend's advice and succeeded in removing the threat from your street. Maybe I'll add a little epilogue... another set of texts from your friend that clarifies things.

Thanks again!


Lovely game except I'm stuck and I try to reload the game but to no avail.

Oh no! Where are you stuck? If you want to fully reload the game, you should be able to back out and refresh the game page on itch.

Hello! sorry it took so long but I finally got it to reload- it was right after your first text message  but I think the problem was more on my side than anything!

Oh my. This was an interesting experience. Pretty nice what you made with the twine engine, made me re-think some preconceptions.

I still have chills. I've played it at night, with my window open behind my back. Bad choice haha.

Thank you! And yeah, Twine can be pretty flexible if you're willing to mess around with additional coding.

Glad it was spooky ;)

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Awesome conciseness! The first Twine game I loved. Even though it make me feel really dumb.


Super creepy and super fun. I can't decide which is more unsettling: the ambiguity of what happen(s/ed) or the lack of control you feel at key moments. I've already played Normal and Difficult, now off to play Easy mode!

Thank you! And I'm curious... which was your favorite difficulty? :)

I was waiting for the release of this game and it was yet another pleasant surprise! It was very fun (and disturbing). I absolutely adore the games you make, and I'm already excited for the next one :)


Thank you, thank you, for your kind words and continued encouragement <3

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