A gothic mystery game in which you rely on your environment to uncover the truth.

Created for the 2019 subQjam, using less than one thousand words across all routes. Contains religious content, multiple endings, optional audio, and lots of Latin.

Cover art by Adrian Nyehart.

Thanks to kipsoep on flickr for room images; pixabay for splash page; and HerbertBoland, cms4f, Crater RF, MauriceJK, & drotzruhn for sounds.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, demon, Horror, Mouse only, Mystery, Text based, Twine


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The wordplay, poetic I'd say, and the music combined with the visuals gives me eerie vibes, something Litrouke used in his other games too. I was happily surprised by this story and enjoyed it a lot. It certainly is worth your time, even if it is to train your Latin.

Full review on my website!


It was great! The fact that the narrative can be constructed and reconstructed for different flows was novel. The music at the start was perfect!


ok wow that was way too good


beutifully made!


Playing this is like sinking into a grave. Perfectly atmospheric.


This comment made my morning. Spot-on.

a really interesting game, thank you <3<3<3


And thank you for this lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed.

As always, fantastic work! It's very poetic, and I really enjoyed how you incorporated the words into the images. It told a story without being direct, and every element blended seamlessly with the next.

oh my god, that was so intense! i haven't read/played much IF but this was really formally innovative. thank you for this gift

And thank you for this gift of a comment!!


Liked the atmosphere and the storytelling. Simple yet elegant. I like small details: how text forms a cross around the word, the translations to latin.
Sound design is also very suitable.
Also it's replayable, you make your own story.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your close attention to details and I'm glad you enjoyed.