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Amazing! Makes you feel really uncomfortable, it clearly shows good horror doesn't need jumpscares!By the way, as I was playing the game someone actually knocked on my door, thank goodness it was just my mother, I almost shit my pants XD!


That's hilarious! Glad you had a good experience playing it haha


This game was really well-made! Short and sweet, cut to the point! I know this is like the Watson-Scott test but no jumpscares! I really liked it. :)

I've had some feedback that people expected/wanted a jumpscare at the end, but I prefer quiet, lingering horror. Glad you enjoyed!


An honest reaction by three friends:


Tempted to patch in a secret "lapping" ending...

haha, *lapping intensifies* 


I really enjoyed it! I knew what was coming but still wanted to keep answering. The perfect length, too.


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed.

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I made an account just to comment for this game... 

I've never played such a dogshit, cheesy, lazy and boring game before. This is like the worst attempt at a horror game ever, it's unoriginal, pretentious garbage.

With love, Reno. 


Please write all my promo materials from now on. ♥️


Nice! I like twine being used in this way :D 


Oh, thank you! I'm a fan of your stuff too, especially the sheep counting simulator.

Thanks! All of the sheep drawn in it are rare breeds!


Wow! What an amazing game! Very, very effective! Great job!

Honestly, this might be my favorite playthrough yet. Exactly the reactions I was hoping for with this game! Thanks for posting.

Aww! Thank you so much for the nice reply. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. You did an extremely great job, especially with the sound effects. Even playing it during the day, I found myself actually creeped out. Haha! Well done! :)

I loved this!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed and thank you for the feedback at the end.

your welcome

So creeped out, very well done!!!

Thank you!

I had a lot of fun with this! I liked all the little details - well done!


Won't lie, creeped me out. Nice little 5 minute interactive experience.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.


love it though i wish i could actually let them in they seem nice.

Well, there is the sound of a door opening at the end... Perhaps you got your wish. ;)

Not bad for something made in 24 hours! 


Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the mild creepiness! (Bonus points for using "skew-whiff," a term I learned only recently and already love.)

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I went into it expecting to feel uncomfortable and... Mission accomplished - very atmospheric :D

Thanks for playing and posting a lovely video! I cracked up at all the checking on the wardrobe door.

I'm still getting creeped out by it now, so 10/10 for lingering trauma! ;)

awsome but stalkerish i know feel like im being watched

unfortunately i couldn't go past the little page right before question number 9 :( a pop-up came up and said there was an error and the next arrow wasn't on the screen so i couldn't progress :(( is there maybe a bug or something? it may just be my dumb computer idk :( i would love to play this game as it's an interesting concept so please get back to me :( 

Hey, I'm sorry to hear that! Would you be able to screenshot the error? I haven't seen it with other players, so I'm not sure of the exact issue you're having.

really liked this!!

Thank you!

DANG it spook me! You did great job! 

Haha, thanks! The highest praise for a horror game is definitely spooks


This is incredible!

Thank you so much!

This was brilliant ! I thought it couldn't be that creepy since it was all text, but you got me

Thanks! Audio effects go a long way. If you're looking for another great text-based horror, my father's long long legs is a classic.


this is SUCH an amazing concept and really freaked me out the moment it started happening-- great job!!

Thank you so much! Glad I could give ya a little scare ;)

I answered as carefully

as I could.


Thanks for playing and posting a video! I appreciate you taking the time to reflect on the game at the end. Glad you enjoyed!


Very well done. I've been stalked before, but it was by someone who had a crush on me, so this felt different.


lucky nobody likes me or wants to stalk me :( im glad nobody wants to stalk me but I don't have somebody who likes me :(

Definitely not lucky. It was an awful experience. But as for people liking you... Most people don't act on their crushes, so if they liked you, you probably just wouldn't know. I'm sure there's been someone who quietly admired you from afar.


I had a similar situation to yours back in uni -- thankfully, it was brief and nowhere near as severe as this game. Still incredibly stressful.

Thanks for playing despite the difficult content and for posting feedback! Really appreciate it.


Short but strong. Great work!

Thank you!

Deleted 53 days ago

Perfect choice of games to pair up -- great minds think alike. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed!


"Please answer yes for quality control." why


yooooo, holy shit, i love this game! it's short and sweet and all kinds of spooky in a way i'm not used to. interactive thingies like this are usually really cool, especially in the horror genre.

on a side note, i'm gonna go check my windows.


Thank you for this lovely review!! Glad you enjoyed it so much.

(While making this game, I kept glancing at the window beside me, thinking, yeah, I should really lock this at some point...)


i knew what to expect, but this still unsettled me. very well done


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.


I tried playing it but on question 12(tell me you miss me too), it wouldnt let me type. Im on mobile btw


Hi! Unfortunately the game isn't optimized for mobile, yeah. Sorry about that.


rarely review games because I feel like the things I have to say don't add much but... this genuinely creeped me out in the best of ways in such a short period of time. Sure, there could be more endings and it could be longer, but for the amount of content it accomplished a lot. If you were to expand it, I could see it growing into something even more. But for what it is? It's really good and effective. 

As another person who rarely reviews, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. Thanks for playing, and I'm glad it gave you the creeps. ;)

I love this game! While I agree with others that it could be longer, the ending is superb!

Thanks so much!!

AWESOME CONCEPT! I love it. After reading few comments I can say that I agree with others. Game could be longer and it would be way better if it would have more endings. But anyway, game was still great and you showed alot of potential in these type of games. I hope to see more games like that from you in the future. :)

btw here is my video:


Thanks for the video, man! Great fun to watch people respond. Definitely agree that I'd add more endings if it were longer... perhaps in a future game. :)

awesome. i am waiting for more :)


loved the concept. Would love for a longer experience with at least som minor choose your own adventure kind of stuff. 8/10


Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind for future games similar to this one.


Wasn't long enough, in my opinion. The concept is very good, I've seen this type of game before, just needs a little more flare and spook. 

Yeah, I wish I remembered the name of a game I played a few months ago that started off similarly (but then evolved into a jumpscare-fest). Thanks for playing!

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I agree with everyone that you should build on this idea because its really cool!


Thanks so much! I don't think I'll build on this little experiment, but stay tuned for future games. ;)


I've seen this kind of thing before. I didn't find it particularly frightening or impressive. I can't help but feel that most of the experience was lost on me because I wasn't wearing headphones and was out when I played it.

It just needs more, you know?


Yeah, definitely less effective when played outside a house haha. Thanks for playing though!


i really wish it were longer and had like different endings or something, i really enjoyed it!!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed playing. Can't be a bad sign if people are left wanting more ;)


I think you should build on this 😀 throw in some cryptic messages, few more spooks, people would love it. That being said, I enjoyed it 😄

Thanks for playing and posting a great video! I love people's range of responses to the "do you ever pretend your phone is dead" question... Some of us are more honest than others. Glad you enjoyed. :)


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I personally like the concept behind the game, I like how elements of stalking and surveys are integrated into the game but I felt that the stalking element was not well-developed as I couldn't really tell that there was someone stalking me in the survey and the survey was too short to provide sufficient information on how the stalker came about and whether the stalker was a threat or not in the past (I assumed that the stalker is a threat as he is outside the house but we let him in at the end). Thank you for reading my comment, I just hoped that the game will be more detailed in the future and more elaborate on the stalker and the protagonist relationship.

Thanks for your detailed feedback! Really appreciate when people take the time to write things out. Sadly I won't be expanding on this game, as it was just a one-day experiment, but I can share a fun fact about the stalker: all the voices/breathing in the game are female, not male. ;)

Thank you


I wish there were possibly different endings, but other than that, it's really impressive!

Thank you! Yeah, this was just a little experiment, but I'll keep this feedback in mind for future games. Glad you enjoyed.

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