A five-minute horror game about surveys and stalking. Made in 24 hours.

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Now available in English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, Korean, and Arabic. Many, many thanks to all my amazing translators. If you'd like to translate the game into another language, email me at litrouke at gmail!


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eu gostei muito,queria até queria uma versão em portguês,foi um pouco spooky

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this game certainly was intriguing and scared me, but what horror game wouldn't? the audio definitely added to this experience, and helped me get a visual of what was going on around the end!!! great game, after im finished with this review i'll definitely start playing your other games!! i hope you continue making games in the future !! i recommend this to anyone who is deciding whether or not to play !!

This was incredibly clever, with a great atmosphere. Most horror games rely on shock value and jumpscares, so this came as a pleasant (or at least as pleasant as a horror game can be, lol) surprise! I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to your future projects!


Thanks so much for this lovely comment. Making horror games without visuals certainly forces me to get creative with my scares ;)


Gotta be careful with those yandere boyfriends, they'll pull a sneaky on ya.




Funny story -- I'd been on post-surgery bed rest for about a month prior to this. Apparently all my pent-up energy got funneled into one day of horror game development frenzy :P


I really enjoyed this.  It was a great short horror experience. :) Looking forward to your next game!

Thanks! And my next game was just released, so enjoy away~ ;)


Hello! I loved the game! Would you be interested in French & Romanian translations? :) 


Glad you enjoyed! And absolutely, I'm very interested. I actually thought about trying to cobble together my own French translation, but I wisely decided against it. :P You can email me at litrouke at gmail to get the translations started, thanks!


Hey! Pls pls can you tell me how you did the thing where the player types in one thing but it comes up on screen as another thing, it looks so cool!


Yeah, it's a custom macro for Twine written by Chapel. Enjoy!


Got it, thank you so much!

This gave me chillsss.

also, if you'd like, I can translate it to Croatian

Thanks! And absolutely, I'd love that. Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and I'll send you the game text.

Hello! it was a great experience! The atmosphere is so brilliantly down! Looking forward for your next games!

Also, i can translate it to Indonesian if you want :)

Thanks so much! Hopefully my next one will be out this summer.

I've just updated the game with an Indonesian translation, but thank you kindly for the offer!

I can translate it to Arabic if u want.

 BTW i loved thisss but i shouldnt have played it at like 3am T-T

No one makes good decisions at 3am :P Arabic would be amazing! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and I'll send you the game text.

Very good work! What did you use to make it?

Thank you! I created it using Twine: https://twinery.org/

do different questions have different outcome?

No, this game only has one ending, unfortunately. But I'm working on a similar horror game with multiple. :)

I liked it.

I didnt have access to earbuds and was still mortified by the sounds. great game, made me not want to look at the screen even if there wasn't any scares!

Oh my god, i was so scared lol


wow i loved this, this was the first game ive played, good work!


mate. i'm scared can i just go home now. oh wait i'm already home, in lockdown. *sigh*  

great game my heart is beating too fast lol


This is wonderfully made! Personally I have a small fear of being watched, and this was able to induce that a bit. It reminds me of being in a bad relationship, with the whole forced forgiveness and clinginess. I loved it!

wow!! this is so interesting, i enjoyed it


That . . . was . . . amazing! It was kind of scary but I love it!!

Thank you! Hopefully just the right amount of scary ;)

Pretty cool game. I liked the sound effects it felt like someone was in the room with me.


And thanks for the great video! Cracked me up.

No worries its a cool game cant wait to see were you go with it. 

I can translate to Indonesian if you need

That would be great! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and we can set it up.

If you want i can translate to Swedish.

I'd love that! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and we can set things up.

This is so cool!! Such a cool concept and well executed. 


Thank you!

First of all,

I loved this game. It made me rethink my choices and let me have a weird feeling. overall a great experience.

If you need a translation to german, feel free to reach out :)

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! I'd love a German translation -- shoot me an email me at litrouke at gmail to coordinate it.

that was actually amazing. kinda reminds me of the wattson-scott test with the whole online survey theme. the questions that the stalker throws out there (does everyone deserve a second chance, why can't i come home, etc.) makes me want to piece together a backstory even though i don't think that's what you intended ^^"


Maybe I did intend it ;) While I'm coding games, I often come up with extra backstory in the back of my mind, only a bit of which shows up in the final product.

Unsettling as it already is, I can't imagine how far this amazing idea of yours can go.

Thank you!


I have never felt so unsafe playing a game lol


My gratitude & apologies ;)


btw if u ever need a translation in portuguese(brazil) i can help if u want : )

That would be awesome! You can shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail.


litterally my favourite game , it would be fun if it led to different endings depending on our awnsers.

Really great game! Definitely gave me some chills.

Thank you!

I loved the really vague kind of horror this game has. I also enjoyed the typing mechanic.


Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for sharing the video! Much appreciated.

A little less subtle than I was hoping for but still a good experience

very good game!

that was nice

Hey uh litrouke how do I answer question 12? I can’t type in the box


You should be able to click into it and type normally (on desktop, not mobile) -- sorry you're having trouble. What browser are you in?

oh I’m on a iPad. 


Is it possible to make a YouTube video of your game and posting it here? I'd really like to do so if you don't mind.

Have a nice day!


Of course! If you scroll down the comments, you can check out some other people's videos. Look forward to seeing yours!

Thank you! I'll hopefully get it recorded soon and I'll post it here as soon as possible. I'm going to watch other people's videos after I've done mine, I want a fresh and new look on your game rather than knowing what to expect :D


well, that was creepy. 

well done.

Oh wow- i almost thought i was ACTUALLY being watched. 

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