A five-minute horror game about surveys and stalking. Made in 24 hours.

update: Now available in Italian (thanks to diorama) and Spanish (thanks to Aster).


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i got scared even i see the main door...

This game is really good! I actually got scared...

I love it!

this game is amazing! 10/10

i regret playing this at 3am in all honesty but i love it

Rip your sleep, but glad you still enjoyed lol

Amazing how creepy only words can be!  

Nice playthrough, thanks for posting! And glad you found it creepy :)

this exceeded my expectations and was very well done, great job


Thank you!!

This is such a cool game! As if the survey-taker had turned their back to an entity, and it comes back in the form of a survey to hear the answers it wants.

Exactly so ;)

Is it normal that I cant hear any sounds from the game? I checked and its not my headphones too and Im using laptop. By the way even though I cant hear any sound, the game is great!

I don't know, maybe it's because the sound is pretty quiet? It was really faint when I played it.

maybe? ıt might be it. thanks 

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the audio isn't super important so you should be fine either way

There should be sound, but as lemonn said, it might be quieter on your machine than on other folks'. Glad you enjoyed it even without sound!

I was stuck on question 12. It wouldn't let me do anything

If you're on mobile, that may be why! Unfortunately the game is not mobile-compatible and will stop at the last question.

i played it on my mac though

Hm, then I'm not sure, sorry. I haven't gotten bug reports from any other Mac users. On the final question, you should be able to click into the textbox and type your response there.

hey lit, I wish to translate your game in Italan for free (free as freedom and as beer)

may you be interested? let me know. :3

Absolutely! You can check out my profile for ways to contact me.

I contacted you anonymously via your non-work-related tumblr account

Strange, I haven't received a message yet on tumblr... Want to shoot me an email instead?

I used https://litrouke.tumblr.com/ask instead of https://litrouke-works.tumblr.com/ask since the former does not need registration! btw e-mail is better

Tumblr's messaging system is notoriously unreliable, so email is definitely better. You can reach me at litrouke at gmail. Looking forward to it!



I love these type of games. please make more!


This was an amazing game!


i like it! spooked me


my heart is beating so fast great job!


This was great to play in the wake of take survey and such. I loved what you did with the audio cues. Good horror knows how to utilize sound you got got that to a Tee! Hope you enjoy the video I made.

Your game starts at 7:50

Great playthrough, thanks for posting! Love how enthusiastic you are about everything.


I keep coming back and playing this game.  I can't help it.  It creeps me out every time and I've become addicted to it.  Send help.

Hahaha, this is an amazing comment. I hope you've managed to overcome your addiction!

I shall forever remain in awe with what you created using Twine.  I'm still a newbie.  Part of the reason I'm addicted; the game is just mind-blowing.

Thanks for such kind words! I played your game about the bushfires and thought it was good stuff. If you're interested in doing more with Twine, I recommend joining the Twine Discord server, both for help and inspiration. I'm litrouke#2131 on Discord if you want an invite.

I don't have Discord, though I'm seeing links to Discord discussions all over the place, especially in the jams.  Do I need a smartphone for it?  Gah!  I forgot.  I got my first smartphone recently, so I do actually have one.  I just haven't gotten used to working it yet.  I go on the Twine subreddit?

Yeah, you can get Discord on your smartphone, but you can also download it to your computer as an application or open it in your browser like a normal website (blue button). Lots of ways to get it. The subreddit's good too, of course!


that was good!

Thank you!


Loved this! I played without sound the first time and it was still super spooky. Subtle and well done.

Thanks! Glad to hear it works even without audio.

Oh oof this was super spooky, excellent choice of a survey medium to tell the story!


Thank you! Always fun finding new things to do with Twine.

Very very cool! Loved it and got chills.

Thank you thank you :)

that was awesome! made me feel uncomfortable for a moment but i loved it

Thanks so much!

No :(

Great game, spooked me right out

Thank you for playing -- and for cracking me up with your comment hehe

I love it! Please either make another or continue this one.

Thanks so much! I'm not planning to continue this one -- just a one-day experiment -- but I did make another horror game you can check out (and I'll be releasing another horror-ish one soon).

ooo! I can't wait!


I wore a headphone while playing this and didn't expect the sound effects. I REALLY THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS KNOCKING AT MY DOOR. THIS GAME IS VERY WELL MADe


The turn around part gave me chills

Thank you! Glad I could provide some good scares.


Amazing! Makes you feel really uncomfortable, it clearly shows good horror doesn't need jumpscares!By the way, as I was playing the game someone actually knocked on my door, thank goodness it was just my mother, I almost shit my pants XD!


That's hilarious! Glad you had a good experience playing it haha


This game was really well-made! Short and sweet, cut to the point! I know this is like the Watson-Scott test but no jumpscares! I really liked it. :)

I've had some feedback that people expected/wanted a jumpscare at the end, but I prefer quiet, lingering horror. Glad you enjoyed!


An honest reaction by three friends:


Tempted to patch in a secret "lapping" ending...

haha, *lapping intensifies* 


I really enjoyed it! I knew what was coming but still wanted to keep answering. The perfect length, too.


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed.

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I made an account just to comment for this game... 

I've never played such a dogshit, cheesy, lazy and boring game before. This is like the worst attempt at a horror game ever, it's unoriginal, pretentious garbage.

With love, Reno. 


Please write all my promo materials from now on. ♥️


Nice! I like twine being used in this way :D 


Oh, thank you! I'm a fan of your stuff too, especially the sheep counting simulator.

Thanks! All of the sheep drawn in it are rare breeds!


Wow! What an amazing game! Very, very effective! Great job!


Honestly, this might be my favorite playthrough yet. Exactly the reactions I was hoping for with this game! Thanks for posting.

Aww! Thank you so much for the nice reply. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. You did an extremely great job, especially with the sound effects. Even playing it during the day, I found myself actually creeped out. Haha! Well done! :)

I loved this!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed and thank you for the feedback at the end.

your welcome

So creeped out, very well done!!!

Thank you!

I had a lot of fun with this! I liked all the little details - well done!


Won't lie, creeped me out. Nice little 5 minute interactive experience.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.


love it though i wish i could actually let them in they seem nice.

Well, there is the sound of a door opening at the end... Perhaps you got your wish. ;)

Not bad for something made in 24 hours! 


Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the mild creepiness! (Bonus points for using "skew-whiff," a term I learned only recently and already love.)

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I went into it expecting to feel uncomfortable and... Mission accomplished - very atmospheric :D

Thanks for playing and posting a lovely video! I cracked up at all the checking on the wardrobe door.

I'm still getting creeped out by it now, so 10/10 for lingering trauma! ;)

awsome but stalkerish i know feel like im being watched

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